Manual Flashpoint Analyzers

Test Methods
ASTM D92, ASTM D93, IP 34, IP 170, IP 36, ASTM D56


Herzog’s HFP 38X series of Manual Flash Point Analyzers include Pensky Martens, Tag, Abel and Cleveland Open Cup.
All units include a rugged electric heater with ultra-precise manual control, liquid in glass, and visual flash point detection. In addition, units are available with a cooling fan (Pensky Martens) or cooling coil (Tag and Abel). Features include an electric stirrer that automatically stops during test flame application.


Flash Point Pensky-Martens, Flash Point TAG, Flash Point Cleveland Open Cup


Features & Benefits

  • Top-quality laboratory analyzers for closed and open cup flash point determinations
  • Electric Stirrer
  • Automatic Application of Test Flame
  • Optional Cooling Device


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