AC Analytical Controls®, the global SIMDIS market leader, provides a full range of solutions that accurately determine true boiling point data from naphtha up to crude oil samples.

NEW!! The AC SIMDIS Analyzer is now available on the new Agilent 8890 GC Platform.
Intelligent capabilities built into the Agilent 8890 GC give you the freedom to work with your GC … not on it. These capabilities can also grow over time as your analytical needs change—so you can keep your lab moving toward a successful future.

Boiling point data is a major specification in characterizing petroleum streams. PAC provides complete, turn-key gas chromatographic solutions for accurate determination of true boiling point data – from naphtha up to crude oil samples. By completely automating every step in the analysis, AC SIMDIS applications provide fast and accurate boiling point results.

PAC adds unique value to the industry by offering a 100% guaranteed solution, delivered fully factory calibrated, tested to certified reference materials, fine-tuned fully dedicated to methods specified by the user. PAC qualified service engineers commission the instrument and provide operator/user training.

PAC’s dedicated involvement in regulatory organizations guarantees that the system and the software calculations are in accordance with with accepted methods (ASTM, IP, ISO, DIN & others) listed in gasoline, jet fuel and diesel specifications.


Simulated Distillation, Atmospheric Distillation, Gasoline, Crude, Petrochemical Analysis


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Full range of SIMDIS applications determines boiling points up to C120.

  • Product range includes several unique solutions:
  • PAC proprietary Temperature Programmable Inlet. The only SIMDIS dedicated inlet for best performance
  • AC 8634 analyzer for accelerated D 86 data of jet fuel and diesel
  • Crude Oil analyzer merges DHA Front End with High Temp SIMDIS Technique
  • Sulfur and Nitrogen SIMDIS solutions to determine sulfur and nitrogen distributions in Crude or finished products
  • Wax ASTM D 5442 application
  • Solutions comply with ASTM, CEN, DIN, IP and ISO SIMDIS methods
  • A broad set of calibration, reference and quality control samples completes each SIMDIS application
  • User group meetings and Performance Monitoring program help users network to maintain analyzer performance
  • SIMDIS software is compatible with major chromatographic data systems
  • Dedicated correlations and calculations are included for:
  • Correlation to Physical Distillation D 86 D 1160 (ASTM D 2887; IP 406; ISO 3924)- NOACK – DIN 51.581-2- MOV – ASTM D 6417- Conversion to volume % for crude oils- Cutpoints fractions- Flashpoint (ASTM D 7215)
  • Excellent LIMS connectivity: upload the results directly to your LIMS or manually after approval
  • Use of pre-programmed Products (sample types), Automatic sample type recognition, blank subtraction, calibration and system validations. Customer selective start and end algorithm, Carbon Number overlay, BP x-axis chromatogram, QC check reports, C or F. Customizable QC sample defintions
  • Support Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and French languages
  • Compatible with major CDS (OpenLab, EZChrom, ChemStation, Chromeleon, ChromPerfect, Galaxie, Atlas, Kompass