icountLCM20 is a proven answer to fluid system contamination monitoring. multi-standard ISO and NAS cleanliness reporting, data entry, data graphing and integral printing are all standard on this world proven contamination monitor. AUTOMATIC PARTICLE COUNTERS (APC), have been widely used for many years in condition monitoring of hydraulic fluids. however, it is only recently that apcs have become flexible enough to enable the instruments to be taken out of the laboratory and used on-line in order to obtain the most credible form of results.

  • Routine Contamination Monitoring Of Oil Systems With iCOUNTLCM Saves Time And Saves Money.
  • Contamination Monitoring Is Now Possible During Application Operation
  • iCOUNTLCM Saves On Production Downtime.
  • Data Entry Allows Individual Equipment Test Log Details To Be Recorded.
  • Data Retrieval Of Test Results From Memory Via Hand Set Display.


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