Phase Technology designs, manufactures, sells and services test instruments to measure cold flow properties. The company’s customers include oil refineries, commercial laboratories, fuel distributors, terminals, blenders, aviation companies, and military.

Phase Technology analyzers meet and comply with current ASTM International methods for measurement of pour point (ASTM D5949), cloud point (ASTM D5773 and D7397) and freeze point (ASTM D5972). The company meets and complies with numerous other major international standards and specifications, including those from the Energy Institute (EI).

Supported by 17 years of extensive inter-laboratory “round robin” research, Phase Technology consistently ranks highest for repeatability, reproducibility, sensitivity and equivalency to referee manual test methods. Phase Technology has been recognized with an ASTM Award of Excellence for developing world standards for petroleum cold flow behavior.


Over the years, Phase Technology has celebrated many “firsts” in the industry. They introduced the world’s first fully automatic pour, cloud and freeze point analyzer in 1989. Three years later, the company introduced the first water-cooled analyzer that didn’t need a bulky external chiller bath. Phase Technology remains the first and only company to offer pour, cloud and freeze point testing in a single unit.

In 1995, Phase Technology’s test method for automatic cloud point determination was approved by ASTM, marking the first time that the revered standards organization accepted an automatic procedure for measurement of cloud point.

Similarly, Phase Technology’s pour point and freeze point methods became the first automatic methods of their type ever approved by ASTM.

Today, Phase Technology continues its history of “firsts.” The company’s 70X series analyzer is the first to include many user-friendly features that help optimize workflow. The 70X is the first and only cold flow analyzer to have a full-color LCD touch screen for easy, quick entry of all test functions. The screen also displays valuable test result data, graphics and phase plots. The 70X is the first and only test instrument of its type to have USB ports, allowing quick data transfer to flash storage devices and easy connection with peripherals.

The company’s newest test instrument, the 70Xi, is the world’s first and only fully programmable analyzer that offers fast, one-button testing (called “favorites”) and multitasking capabilities. The analyzer’s unique “intellinostics” features provide on-screen troubleshooting, help menus, tutorials, in-depth diagnostics, control chart trending and powerful tools to validate test results.

Phase Technology is also credited with the first and only fully automatic, self-cleaning autosampler system capable of testing 1 to 48 samples. Lab productivity and efficiency are significantly improved as operators are free to perform other tasks while the analyzer automatically runs required tests.

In June, 2017, Phase Technology was aquired by Roper Technologies, a diversified technology company based in Sarasota, Florida. Phase Technology operates under PAC, one of Roper’s organizations, as a business unit within its Physical Properties segment. As a part of this transistion, the company has changed its business name to Phase Analyzer Company, LTD.

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