Ethanol and Water Content Analysis in Fuel Grade Ethanol and Gasoline

Test Methods
ASTM D4806


PetroSpecs portable QuickSpec analyzer delivers simple, fast, and accurate analysis of ethanol and water in gasoline blends throughout the fuel blending process. The QuickSpec provides a broad analysis range of ethanol from 0.1 vol% to 100.0 vol%, which is crucial for ethanol blending in gasoline and for measuring purity of fuel-grade ethanol. Water can be measured from 0.01 vol% to 5.00 vol%.

The user-friendly, solid-state QuickSpec is extremely rugged, with no moving parts. Analysis is performed in 20 seconds using a near-infrared spectral method, and is accurate down to tenths of volume percent. QuickSpec also combines two tests in one, ethanol and water, which would normally require two separate analytical instruments.

Terminal operators and others need to know at all times that they are receiving fuel ethanol that meets the ASTM D4806 standard. Due to its portability, QuickSpec lets producers know precisely the purity of the denatured ethanol, as well as the ethanol and water in blended fuels being delivered to the terminal, in the refinery, or in the blending tank within seconds. With QuickSpec, producers know that theyre blending high quality gasoline fuels consistently to specifications and exacting standards.



Ethanol in Gasoline, Water in Gasoline


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